The Teak Shop

Being a Direct importer of high quality Indonesian teak furniture . We ensure customers' satisfaction by providing high quality furniture at affordable prices.

Direct importer products are as following: armoire, bed, cabinet, chair, chest, console, hallstand, venetian mirror, gilded and painted mirror, table, chair and sofa, bedside, bookcase, cabinet, coffee table, cupboard, dining table, dressier, sideboard, TV stand and wardrobe. The rustic design consists of following: accessories, bar counter, bed, bedside table, bookshelf, cabinet, chair, chest of drawer, coffee table, console table, dining table, mirror, sideboard, TV cabinet.

Dining Furnitures

  1. Dining Chairs
  2. Dining Tables

Bedding Furnitures

  1. Beds
  2. Foam Mettresses

Kids Items

  1. Kids Crafts

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